Just one more for the rest of the year that didn't make the cut before I started writing.

Helen's Mysterious Castle

Fun one. One of those outsider doujin RPG Maker projects that just wrangle the engine for all sorts of ideas. Helen's Mysterious Castle is an RPG located on this floating island and the main character is illiterate and there's lore and stuff. All of it is very popcorny and well so, as the pace of progression is blazing fast - a playthrough is almost certainly done in 10 hours and you'll see plenty in that time.

The core battle mechanic is very satisfying as it's based on 1v1 duels with fully public information on the time gauge and the opponent's next move - each action has a charge time with a defensive value and the action fires at the end of that charge, after which you choose again. It becomes this pseudomindgame of properly countering the AI's moves and making them commit to something punishable which is a lot of fun. You can pack up to eight items into your loadout, and with the amount of stuff in the game that lends well to replayability and trying out different stuff. Just a very pure gameplay game with pleasant fluff and exploration around it.


And that is 2020 wrapped up. I hope to be writing again at the turn of the next year.

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